New Weebly Logo Launches

New Weebly Logo Launches

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As part of Square, Weebly has been busy empowering customers with freedom to sell anytime, anywhere through in-store pickup, shipping management in the Weebly App, and Facebook Messenger integration.

As Square’s eCommerce solution, Weebly’s logo now has a new look.

While the look is new, Weebly still believes that anyone should have the tools to take their business from idea to launch to growth. That’s why with Weebly, entrepreneurs can build websites that customers love to visit and shop.

In addition to the new Weebly logo that you’ll see throughout their site and interface, we’ve updated all affiliate creatives and banners. If you have a current banner placed through ShareASale, it will have automatically updated for you. If you are still seeing an old version on your site, please log into ShareASale and update your creative or use the code for one of the banners below. Let us know if you need help and we’re happy to assist you.

A few guidelines about using the Weebly logo on your site:

  • Approved versions are made available for you via ShareASale. If you need a different sized logo for any reason, email us for assistance.
  • Our primary logo should not be made smaller than 128×42 pixels.
  • Please do not edit our new logo, change its color, or add filters over it. If you have trouble using it, we are happy to help troubleshoot.
  • If you have questions about the use of the new logo or if you see an old version in the wild, please let us know.

Let us know if you need assistance or have questions about this update. We are happy to assist!

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