C4 Brands Black Friday / Cyber Monday Update

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We’ve got more Black Friday / Cyber Monday details from the C4 Family of Brands, C4Energy, Cellucor, and OfficialXTEND.

The Spend $75, Get $25 of instantly is still running and starting on 11/25 we’ve got the Black Friday sales that we talked about last week. New links are available for you by brand in ShareASale as deals. So if you automate that, you’re all set.

  • Spend $75, Get $25 off instantly. 11/15/21-11/28/21
  • 30% off Sitewide plus HUGE Black Friday doorbusters! 11/25/21-11/28/21
  • 30% off Sitewide plus Free Shipping 11/29/21-12/2/21

C4Energy.com Deals

  • Free Drawstring bag with purchase of $50+ at C4 Energy 11/26/21
  • Free Mystery Gift with purchase of $50+ at C4 Energy 11/27/21
  • Free Free 6-Can Cooler with purchase of $50+ at C4 Energy 11/28/21

Cellucor.com Deals

  • Free Bundle Valued at $65+ with purchase of $75+ at Cellucor 11/26/21
  • Free Resistance Band with purchase of $50+ at Cellucor 11/27/21
  • Free Shaker with purchase of $50+ at Cellucor 11/28/21

OfficialXTEND.com Deals

  • Free XTEND Tee with purchase of $50+ at OfficialXTEND.com 11/26/21
  • Free Drawstring bag with purchase of $50+ at OfficialXTEND.com 11/27/21
  • Free Shaker with purchase of $50+ at OfficialXTEND.com 11/28/21

These deals stack with free shipping on orders over $55 on C4Energy.com and Cellucor.com, and over $50 on OfficialXTEND.com! These are the best sitewide sales of the year. Get these in front of your audiences on your website, social and email. These deals are available in the ShareASale interface. Click here to get discount links to share with your audience.

Want to know more about Energy drinks? 

They are not all created equal! Read this post and get smarter about Energy drinks and their contents!

C4 Energy Program Details

If you are a content creator or website owner with audiences related to fitness, weight-loss, gaming, physical and mental performance, and more, join now on ShareASale.

In the current stay-at-home environment (for work, play, and working out), more and more people are getting products delivered at home, including energy drinks. There’s never been a better time to become a C4 Energy affiliate.

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