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We feel our mandate is to help you grow your business. We understand that growth is a dynamic process and your needs will evolve. Our goal is to create sustainable campaigns that educate your customers instead of burn through your budget. Every ad is a chance to educate your customer and foster customer affinity. Innovation is crucial to business survival. Our role is not simply managing advertising channels, but providing business development opportunities. Of course, results are everything.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Programs require dedicated management to be successful, there is no way around this. If you don’t have experienced personnel available locally, or if you don’t have the budget for hiring a full time, experienced affiliate manager, Lab6 Media is the perfect choice for you.

Search Marketing

Correctly used, search engine marketing is the most surgical of the digital marketing channels allowing you to precisely pinpoint your customers. There are a lot of good search companies. Few can integrate search into your overall marketing strategy to insure brand messaging and a sustainable ROAS.

Mobile App Marketing

Acquiring bots is simple. Getting real people to download your mobile app can be challenging. Once you’ve created an interesting, engaging, entertaining, and useful app; the question becomes how to stand out from the crowd. The Lab6 Media team can help your app reach its potential