New C4 Energy Flavor: SKITTLES Original!

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You may have seen by now that C4Energy has partnered up with SKITTLES to bring you a brand new flavor — the fruity taste of Skittles Original!

With the new Skittles flavor, you get your candy fix with zero sugar, carbs, artificial colors, or flavors. We’ll be adding more banners to ShareASale, and you can get hi-res images directly here in our affiliate repository.

If you’re a creator who would benefit from samples of these or any of the C4 family of products, for reviews, photos, unboxings, etc., we’d love to send you some. Just contact us through your ShareASale account and let us know!

Want to know more about Energy drinks? 

They are not all created equal! Read this post and get smarter about Energy drinks and their contents!

C4 Energy Program Details

If you are a content creator or website owner with audiences related to fitness, weight-loss, gaming, physical and mental performance, and more, join now on ShareASale.

In the current stay-at-home environment (for work, play, and working out), more and more people are getting products delivered at home, including energy drinks. There’s never been a better time to become a C4 Energy affiliate.

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