Square Online Checkout: Updates & New Features

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We’re excited to share that we’ve made an update to our partner payouts! We’ve added a new action in Impact for Square Online Checkout Link Creation. You’ll receive $25 for new Square Online Checkout accounts when they create their first link. Below you’ll find helpful content, feature updates, and your Square Online Checkout affiliate link.

What is Square Online Checkout?
Square Online Checkout allows anyone to add ecommerce to all the places they connect with their customers. It’s remarkably flexible and sharable and customizable. Simply pick the format that works best for your business – payment links, buy buttons, or QR codes – then share them through social media, email, text, or your website. Customer checkout is fast and easy with options like Apple Pay and Google Pay. There are no monthly fees, only standard processing rates of 2.9% + $0.30 for sales and 3.5% + $0.15 for subscriptions.

New Square Online Checkout Features
Here are some of the latest updates and improvements to Square Online Checkout. To subscribe to all our product update notifications, visit our Seller Community.

New Features
Here are some of the latest updates and improvements to Square Online. To subscribe to our product update notifications, visit our Seller Community.

Pickup fulfillment
Users can now offer pickup as a fulfillment method for items they sell via checkout links. Customers can schedule a time or pick up ASAP.
Payment notification emails
Keep tabs on the status of customer payments and receive an email notification the moment they pay.
Subscription updates
Subscription-only links and new payment cadences give users more control over their subscription offerings.
Text message checkout from POS
Share checkout links from Square Point of Sale via text message to customers so they can complete their checkout via their phone.
Discounts on POS payment links
Discounts will now apply to payment links or QR codes shared from Point of Sale.

The Square Online Affiliate Program

Square Online offers a direct affiliate program through Impact.

As a new Square Online affiliate, you can earn $50 for subscription plan purchases and an additional $50 when a new seller you refer makes their first sale via their new store. The program offers a 30 day referral period. Some restrictions do apply, so please review the payout details.

If you need assistance getting started, our Square Online Starter Guide provides additional content, images, and product walkthroughs.

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