Square Online: New Features, Podcast and Resources

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It’s been a busy start to the year and we have so much to share! Below you’ll find a list of new Square Online features, several new resources that you’ll find helpful for creating content.

New Features
Here are some of the latest updates and improvements to Square Online. To subscribe to our product update notifications, visit our Seller Community.

Add brand color profiles with one click
It’s now quicker and easier to apply brand colors to a site. Color scheme presets based on sellers’ selected brand colors can be instantly assigned to sections using new 1-click color palettes.
Get the look you like by previewing section layouts
When a new section is added to a site, sellers can now click through and preview each layout on the page before applying it.
Customize self-serve ordering instructions
Edit the banner message shown when a customer scans a QR code to place an order. Sellers can also provide further instructions after the customer submits their order.
Start collecting service fees on self-serve orders
Sellers can now add a service fee to orders placed using the QR code-based contactless ordering feature. Specify a flat fee or charge a percentage of the order total.

Talking Squarely Podcast
Season One of the Talking Squarely podcast brought together independent business owners for frank discussions about running a business, decision making, and more. This candid series is available on Spotify, Apple, Google, and Stitcher.

The Future of Restaurants and Future of Retail reports
Square developed the Future of Restaurants and Future of Retail reports to give sellers a snapshot of what businesses are investing in and what’s working.

To uncover these insights, we collaborated with Wakefield Research to survey 500 restaurateurs, 500 retailers, and 1,000 consumers across the U.S. Additionally, we spoke to Square sellers and industry experts to share how retailers and restaurateurs are facing challenges, embracing innovative solutions, and forging new paths forward in 2021.

These two reports are filled with inspiration, tactics, and tools that can help set up sellers’ business for future success and can be a great resource for partners to reference.

Read the Future of Restaurants Report
Read the Future of Retail Report

The Square Online Affiliate Program

Square Online offers a direct affiliate program through Impact.

As a new Square Online affiliate, you can earn $50 for subscription plan purchases and an additional $50 when a new seller you refer makes their first sale via their new store. The program offers a 30 day referral period. Some restrictions do apply, so please review the payout details.

If you need assistance getting started, our Square Online Starter Guide provides additional content, images, and product walkthroughs.

Join the Square Online Affiliate Program

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