Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate programs require dedicated management to be successful, there is no way around this.  If you don’t have experienced personnel available locally, or if you don’t have the budget for hiring a full time, experienced affiliate manager, our award-winning affiliate team is the perfect choice for you.

We specialize in:

  • Profitability Focused User Acquisition
  • Focus on Niche Content Partners
  • Recruiting in APAC, LATAM, EU, and North American Markets
  • Multi-touch Attribution Integration
  • Collaborative Methodology
  • Long Term Sustainable Growth

Program Consulting

Lab6 Media offers full-service management for your affiliate program with regular care and maintenance to achieve greater success for you and your affiliates.

  • Review your current program
  • Perform a competitive analysis of your market
  • Overhaul your program for optimum performance
  • Develop and execute a re-launch strategy
  • Find and recruit unique content focused affiliate partners
  • Manage your program with the highest standards

New Program Launch

Lab6 Media will assist in developing your new affiliate program and guide you along your route to success.

  • Select the most appropriate affiliate network
  • Integrate and test tracking system
  • Develop creatives and offers
  • Launch your program
  • Recruit and motivate top affiliates
  • Announce your program to affiliate directories and forums
  • Manage your program with the highest standards

Affiliate Networks we work with:

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